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Select QSOs, actions with selected QSOs

The user may select groups of QSOs to do some actions with these QSOs.

To select a QSO of a specific line you have to click into the first accessible column (it's the column without header title). Selecting a range of QSOs can be done more comfortable using the menu item "Edit | Select QSOs | Mark QSOs". To select all QSOs use the keyboard short cut Ctrl+A. A QSO is selected if there is a in the "selection" column.

Furthermore, LM provides an option to select groups of QSOs following specific „filter rules". Over the menu item "Edit | Select QSOs | Select filtered subset of QSOs ..." a dialog box will be shown that allowes you to set
  • a specific QSO range
  • a specific band
  • a specific mode 
    The criteria are conjuncted (AND operation).

    To undo selections
  • for single QSOs by another click into the first column
  • for all QSOs by keyboard short cut Ctrl+Alt+A
  • for multiple QSOs using the menu item "Edit | Unselect QSOs | Release filtered subset of QSOs ..."

    Actions with selected QSOs
    Delete QSOs
    Cancel QSOs (declare as bad)
    Copy QSOs
    Set a time difference
    Set/count sent exchanged numbers
    Fill function (set any field)
    Copy & append QSOs as sent QTCs
    Create new log from selected QSOs