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Fill function (set any field of selected QSOs)

If you want to re-set values of a specific column to a new value you don't have to do it QSO by QSO. You can use the fill function of LM's log editor for that.

To use the fill function, select the needed QSOs, change the value in a field of one of the selected QSOs to the new value and press then (to take over the data) "Alt+Return" instead of just Return. This way the new value will be taken over for all selected QSOs at once.

The fill function can be used to correct e.g. band or mode over several QSOs or as an alternative way to balance date differences or to set constant exchanged numbers.

If you want to undo that action, please note: Changing the current edit filed and changing all further selected edit fields will be treat as two different actions. That means, if you want to roll back the fill function, you'll need to run Undo two times.

This function is not available, if the log is write protected.

Keyboard: Alt+Return

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