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Copy and paste QSOs

You can copy a single QSO or a group of QSOs into the clipboard. Copied QSOs can be pasted into the current log or another log that is open in the LM log editor. 

Call the copy function using menu, toolbar or keyboard (see below). If QSOs are marked then the marked QSOs will be copied. If no QSO is selected you copy a single QSO by selecting any field of the QSO before calling the copy function.

To paste copied QSOs from the clipboard into another log, just call the paste function using menu, toolbar or keyboard (see below). Inserted QSOs will be appended at the end of the log first. They will be placed to their chronological log position not until the next Log compilation (F5) and under the precondition that the Option Sort log by time is enabled. 

Use the default Windows keys Ctrl+C (for copy) and Ctrl+V (for paste) to copy & paste single strings (e.g. call signs, exchanged numbers).

Copy & paste is not available, if the log is write protected.

Action "Copy":
Menu: Edit | Copy QSO
Menu and toolbar icon:
Keyboard: Shift+Ctrl+C

Action "Paste":
Menu: Edit | Paste QSO
Menu and toolbar:
Keyboard: Shift+Ctrl +V

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