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Send log over MAPI interface

LM supports the so called MAPI interface which is an interface to remote control the installed E-Mail application on your computer. That means, a new E-Mail will be created automatically, all relevant data like E-Mail recipient, subject etc. will be set and the content of the active output page will be added to the E-Mail as a file attachment.

Well, everything that happens on the other side of the interface is uncontrollable by LM. That's why that way is not the recommended one. Common applications like MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera or TheBat support that interface. Other application like Lotus Notes do not or special add-ons are required. You should check necessarily if the mail is correct and the file to be sent is attached. 

If your application doesn't works correctly it possibly doesn't supports the MAPI interface. In this case you have to evade the issue by going the recommended way and send the log using the integrated E-Mail client. Alternatively, you can chose the conventional way which means storing and sending data manually.

To send the log over the MAPI interface, the option "Default E-Mail application" (tab "E-Mail-preferences", group "E-Mail type") must be selected in the Options dialog.

For sending the log by E-Mail it is recommended to use the action "Finalize log". That function takes over all required preliminaries like log saving and export as well as calling the E-Mail sending action itself.

Action "Finalize log":
Menu: File | Finalize log
Keyboard: F4

Action to send out of the log editor:
Menu: Output area | Send the active output sheet by E-Mail
Menu and toolbar icon:

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