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Finalize log

At a certain point, everything has done with the log. All data have been entered or imported, all tools has ran successfully. At this point, the user may want to finalize the log and to run all outstanding actions to save and to submit the log in one step. That's the time for LM's "Finalize log" option.

When running "Finalize log" the following actions will run in one step:
  • Compile log - mandatory
  • Save log in LM format (LMF) - mandatory
  • Set "Read only" flag - mandatory
  • Clear Undo list - mandatory
  • Export log either into STF or Cabrillo format - optional
  • Send log as E-Mail attachment to the contest editor - optional, available only if the export option has is enabled

    Menu: File | Finalize log
    Keyboard: F4