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The output area

In the bottom part of the Log editor you will find the output area. It is good to show Messages by the program as well as to Output the log in different text formats.

You are able to resize the output area if you want. 

All the output sheets are separated by tabs. The first tab sheet ("Messages") shows status and error messages by the program itself. The first tab is always enabled. All the other tabs for the different text file formats can be enabled if required.

At the upper border of the output area you find a special toolbar that refers to the output area only. You can reach the same actions additionally over the main menu (menu item "Output area").

  This button enables an edit mode for the output pages. You may use this function to write some supplements into the header of your STF or Cabrillo file before saving. The output pages act as simple text editors if the edit mode is enabled. The tab sheet „Messages" is not editable.

Attention! For user of Windows98 this function might not work properly (the text can be overwritten only, it's impossible to extend). If there are extensions required, save your output file first and then use an external text editor to do the changes.

  Over this button/menu item you can change the font and the font size of the active output page. You will be prompted if the new font shall be taken over for all other tab sheets.

  Here you can store the content of the active output page into a text file. The default file extensions will be set automatically depending on the selected tab sheet (e.g. STF for STF files). This function is basically the same as the export feature but at the export function the user has not the additional features to show, edit, print and send as he has got it here.

  Over this button/menu item the user can print out the active output page. The font settings that have been made before will be considered.

  Here you can send the content of the active page as an E-Mail attachment (see: Send log by E-Mail). 

All those options are available over the main menu, too.

Menu: Output area

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