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Send log using the integrated E-Mail client

To send the log using the integrated E-Mail client is the recommended way. A prerequisite is, that you own a valid E-Mail address at a provider and that you know the user data to access the SMTP host of your provider to send E-Mails.

LM contains a basic SMTP client, so LM works like a standalone E-Mail program. Thus, the access data of your personal E-Mail account for sending E-Mails have to be known. You can configure them within the Options dialog (tab "E-Mail preferences"). That's the place to choose the option "Integrated E-Mail client ("SMTP")" (tab "E-Mail-preferences", group "E-Mail type").

The integrated dialog for sending E-Mails may remind you of your accustomed E-Mail program but it has been customized on the basic requirements. The dialog shows the following areas:

SMTP preferences
All required parameters for sending the E-Mail (SMTP host and port, sender E-Mail address, user name, password) are shown here. You can change them over the button 'Edit..." rightmost. A click on this button leads you to the appropriate tab of the Options dialog.

It's recommended to save all configuration data, at least all data except user name and password. If one of these both information are pre-configured, a separate dialog will prompt you to enter these data right prior sending the E-Mail. It's a matter of course that saved passwords will be encrypted.

E-Mail header
The E-Mail header contains information like the E-Mail recipient and the subject of the E-Mail. If possible, the recipient will be taken from the E-Mail address list and put automatically into the recipient edit field. Anyway, please check if the recipient address is correct by having a look into the latest contest rules and correct it if the E-Mail address has changed. If you made a change, LM will ask for updating the E-Mail address list.

LM is going to suggest the callsign as E-Mail subject. You may edit the subject just as you like.

E-Mail body
Here is the place for an additional notice to the contest editor.

E-Mail attachment
The E-Mail attachment is the log itself. The log is shown here for information purposes only, nothing can be edited anymore.

Finally, the button "Send" will send the E-Mail with the log. You will get a message to inform you about success or not. If sending was successful, the E-Mail will be stored without prompt within the pre-defined path for E-Mails ('My Documents\LM\E-Mails" by default) with the following file name structure:



YYYY = year
MM = month
DD = day
HH = hour
MM = minute
SS = second

of date and time when the E-Mail was sent and

   CALL = callsign used in contest

is. An example file name of a sent E-Mail could be: 20110910_141426_DL0XM.lm_email

Stored (that means successfully sent) E-Mails can be reloaded and viewed at any time over the E-Mail journal.

For sending the log by E-Mail it is recommended to use the action "Finalize log". That function takes over all required preliminaries like log saving and export as well as calling the E-Mail sending action itself.

Action "Finalize log":
Menu: File | Finalize log
Keyboard: F4

Action to send out of the log editor:
Menu: Output area | Send the active output sheet by E-Mail
Menu and toolbar icon:

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