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Open an existing contest log (LMF)

LM stores the logs in a proprietary format (file extension LMF). You can reload such a stored log into LM at any time. Provided that the log is not write protected, the Editor is in the „Standard Edit mode" after opening the log.

The LMF open dialog shows specific information to each selected (LMF-) file like contest, year, callsign, categories and edit date.

A list of recently opened LMF files is available over the menu item "File | Reopen". That list may contain up to 20 entries and will be filled by LM automatically.

To open a foreign format (e.g. STF, Cabrillo, ADIF or any text file), use the log import options.

Menu: File | Open (also: File | Reopen)
Menu and toolbar icon:
Keyboard: Ctrl+O

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