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Edit modes

A distinction is drawn between 
  • Standard edit mode
  • Fast append mode

    The "Fast append mode" is different from the "Standard edit mode" in the following ways:

  • Return on the last line within the call sign column will append a new QSO automatically; date/time, band and mode will be taken over from the previous QSO

  • Editing the UTC works in a accelerated way: Pressing a figure key on the last digit (minute) causes a line feed, the cursor moves to the next line automatically. At regressiveness the time will be incremented by 10 minutes that may result in a change of both hour and date (see also: Edit QSO data). If the time has not been edited yet by the user and this cell gets the focus then the time value of the previous QSO will be taken over

  • The Backspace key will be disabled in the "Fast append mode"

  • The automated filling of columns for sent exchanged numbers will be done by LM completely

  • Editing the received exchanged numbers will be simplified in the best possible way by LM (depending on the contest):
  • If it is possible to assign a received number to the call sign, this number will always be recommended by default, the user just have to press Return. Once the cell has been edited, this option will be disabled for the specific cell.
  • If there are multiple alternatives for the received number available (e.g. several possible zones in the CQWWDX contest), an additional drop-down-list with these zones will be placed within the specific cell.
  • If no number is assignable, the number of the previous QSO will be proposed
  • Pressing the Return key on a Rcvd column always results in addition to the default row-changing also a move into the first Rcvd-column of the new line

    After opening an existing log, the Standard edit mode will be activated by default. If a new log has been created, the Fast append mode is active. You can switch between the modes at any time.

    Menu: Edit | Standard edit mode / Fast append mode
    Menu and toolbar icon:

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