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Header data dialog

In the header data dialog you will be prompted for all contest- and user-related data. If you want to make the job easier, you are able to reload user related data form a formally stored log (LMF file) using the button Load user data from file...".

Here you can define following what contest rules your log should be evaluated. If needed, you may change the contest for an existing log as well, but in this case you have to bargain for loss of data (if the number of exchanged numbers is less than the number of the former contest).

Country list
By default LM uses the file CTY.DAT as country list. The default CTY.DAT that is part of LM will you find in the LM program folder. If you have got another special CTY.DAT compatible file for specific contests (e.g. R-150-S country list for the CQ-M contest) you may load it using the button "Browse…".

My callsign (max. 26 characters)
Here is the place to specify you call sign that was used in the contest. If while creating a new contest log the call sign is not known yet, LM proposes the name of the active folder as the file name. Background is, that contest editors store incoming logs in a structure like calls sign = folder name. Concerning this matter please note: The letter "/" is not allowed for both file and folder names and will be changed to '_' while storing the file. According to this, a „_" in the folder name will be interpreted as a „/".

There are several drop-down lists available to define the participation category:
  • Category Operator
  • Category Transmitter
  • Category Assisted
  • Category Power
  • Category Station
  • Category Overlay (for relevant contests only, e.g. CQ-WW-WPX-Contest)
  • Category Time (for relevant contests only, e.g. RSGB-IOTA-Contest)

    The category list items correspond to the last Cabrillo spec version 3. They will be taken over one by one as defined in the lists when exporting Cabrillo or STF files.

    If, in a given case, the actual participation category cannot be figured with the available category items, the log file to be submitted (STF or Cabrillo by default) needs to be edited manually. This can be done inside LM, using the edit mode in the Output area, or using an external text editor.

    Station description (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Here you may give a short description of your equipment.

    E-Mail-address (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Specify here your E-Mail address (if existent).

    Name (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Specify here your name.

    Mail address (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Here is space for your postal address. The contest editor could be interested in if he wants to send back awards or result lists.

    Operator list (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Here is the place to specify an operator list (only reasonable at multi operator operations or at use of a foreign call sign).

    Club (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Here you may specify a contest club that your result should be counted for in the club competition (e.g. RRDXA, BCC etc.).

    Specific belonging, e.g. DOK (optional, max. 31 characters)
    Some contest rules require a specific statement regarding a special belonging (e.g. DOK for German stations, Wojewodztwo for SP stations, etc.) to be written into the STF-"Specific" tag.

    Specific QTH, e.g. ARRL section (optional, max. 3 characters)
    The ARRL section is prompted for American stations in ARRL contests only (e.g. AL, EMA etc.). It is needed to be written into the Cabrillo file (tag "LOCATION") later. Non ARRL station should set the value of this field always to "DX".

    Soapbox comment (optional, max. 255 characters)
    Here you can edit a comment to the contest. The comment may be published by the contest editor in the soapbox if applicable.

    Categories for band (e.g. Single Band 40m) and mode (e.g. Single Mode CW) will be gathered from the log automatically.

    Header data cannot be edited if the log is write protected.

    Meni: Edit | Header data...
    Menu and toolbar icon:
    Keyboard: F12

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