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Check for missing extensions

You will have access to this tool, if callsign extensions are relevant for the active contest. For example, these are portable extensions (/P, /M, /MM) in the Fieldday-Contests or extensions for Technicans (/T) and Novices (/N) in the ARRL-10m-Contest.
When starting this action a dialog box appears to ask you what kind of extensions is to be checked (Portable, Maritime mobile or Technican/Novices). 

After this, the function checks the log for missing extensions. That means, at QSOs with stations without an extension the remaining log will be checked for another QSO with the same station. If a QSO with extension has been found, the checkbox "Extend callsigns automatically" defines, if the callsign of the active QSO will be extended automatically or if there is just a message.

Any detection of a missing extension in the log will be reported using the message window. If at least one callsign has been extended automatically, the log will be recompiled when the check is completed.

This tool is not available, if the log is write protected.

Menu: Tools | Check callsign extensions
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