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Exchanged number check

This function provides to check sent or received exchanged numbers for plausibility. Continuously QSO numbers will be checked for ascending order, constant numbers will be checked for constancy. 

Please note that in the check of continuously QSO numbers only such numbers are be involved, that are convertible to numeric values of at least 001 (such as "001" or "14", but not "000", "S41" or "NM").

Sent numbers
The check of sent numbers is a bit contest-specific. The test of continuously QSO numbers is available only if continuously numbers actually have been sent. If under all of the (to numeric values convertible) numbers a value has been found that is not in ascending order against the previous number, then this fact will be displayed in the message window.

In the same way, the function to check constant values is available only if the log contains constant sent numbers. Here you will see a message, if an exchanged number is different to a previous one.
If there is more than one constant number you can select the number to be checked from the displayed list.

Rcvd numbers
Contest specific restrictions as at the check of sent numbers do not exist here. The user may perform any kind of test, even senseless tests if needed (e.g. checking columns with continuously QSO numbers for constancy).

Using the always existing list the user can select on what editor column (what rcvd exchanged number) the check should refer to.

To check received numbers the log will be checked for multiple QSOs with one station. If there are multiple QSOs then all the received numbers of this station will be checked for ascending order or for constancy (see Sent numbers). This action will be repeated for every worked station in the log.

For contests with mixed columns (e.g. WAG for DL: rcvd number can be a continuously QSO number or a DOK) LM offers a special handling for the relevant countries (in the WAG example a special handling is possible for DL stations, for this the check box "Special handling for stations from DL" must be enabled). If the special handling is enabled, the user can decide if exclusively stations from that specific country should be involved in the test (radio button "Test exclusively") or if they should be excluded from the test (radio button "Exclude from test"). If there is no special handling available, the check box and the radio buttons as described are not available.

This tool is not available, if the log is write protected.

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