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Using the Cabrillo import function you can read Cabrillo files directly. Basically you can convert Cabrillo files (both Cabrillo spec version 2 and version 3 are supported) in the same way as any schedular text file using the universal ASCII text file import. But the way via the direct Cabrillo import is faster, more comfortable and offers more options than the ASCII import (e.g. detecting QTCs).

If you want to import or to export a log with multiple exchanged numbers (e.g. the DARC 10m-Contest with QSO-Nr + DOK), please note:
Unfortunately, the Cabrillo format is very fixed and (contrary to the STF format) cannot be extended for new elements. For many contests that do not fit with the fix Cabrillo structure there are no format definitions existing. Due to that, for contests with an undefined format, LM uses for contests with a single exchanged number the default format "Cabrillo QSO template for other ARRL and CQ contests, Stew Perry contest, Oceania DX Contest & AP Sprint", for contests with multiple exchanged numbers the format "Cabrillo QSO template for RSGB IOTA Contest" will be used.

For more details about the Cabrillo format look at

Menu: File | Import | Cabrillo files
Keyboard: F7

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