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LM provides options to search the internet for updates. The so far implemented mechanism supports updates for
  • LM software itself
  • Country file cty.dat

    A prerequisite for update search is, that the computer is connected to the internet. Update can be started only if all log windows are closed.

    LM update:
    LM searchs the internet at for a newer installation. If an update is available, it will be downloaded into a temporary folder. After that, LM will be terminated and the setup program for the new version will be executed at the same time.

    Update country file:
    LM searchs the internet at for a newer version of the country file cty.dat. If an update is available, the existing file cty.dat will be moved into the folder "\Backup" and will be replaced by the downloaded file. To reload the county file, LM must be restarted.

    Menu: Help | Update