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NA import

LM is able to read NA data files of version 9 and 10. LM needs for the conversion the NA binary file (extension QDF) and (if available) the template file for the contest that was preset in NA (extension TMP for NA9 or CRT for NA10). The template file contains information about the screen structure that was used in NA. This structure is equivalent to the data file structure.

If the relevant template file has not been found in the active directory, a dialog will be displayed. In this dialog you may browse for another template file or you can choose between the list items of all the NA pre-defined masks. That list is equivalent to the choice in the NA template editor (TE.EXE or the former TEMPLEDT.EXE).

If you are not sure, what mask was preset in the template file, choose for contests with exchanged numbers 
  • with exclusively continuous numbers (e.g. WPX): call/rst/nr
  • with any (single) numbers (e.g. WAG): call/rst/text or call/text/qth
  • with multiple numbers (e.g. number + QTH): call/rst/nr/qth

    Menu: File | Import | NA data files (*.qdf)

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