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ADIF import

The way to import an ADIF file to LM is supposed to be very easy: choosing the file to be converted, checking the header data, done. 

Currently, LM supports ADIF version 1 only.

If you want to import or to export a log with multiple exchanged numbers (e.g. the DARC 10m-Contest with QSO-Nr + DOK), please note:
Unfortunately, the ADIF format is not capable to cover all the needs of contest logs. At contest with multiple exchanged numbers the ADIF field definitions are insufficient to assign all the data correctly to read and to write. Anyway, converting the basic data (all QSO data except the exchanged numbers) should work without any problem. Today it's common practice to soften the ADIF format arbitrarily. LM is doing it in the following way: The first exchanged number will be written into (export) / read from (import) the usual STX/SRX field. For the second received number the ADIF field "Comment" will be used. The second sent number cannot be stored and cannot be read (you can fill sent number columns after the ADIF import using the function Set or count sent exchanged numbers). Due to the same reasons, a maximum of 2 received numbers per QSO can be written/stored (e.g. WAEDC). 

Menu: File | Import | ADIF files

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